Monday, October 5, 2015

When you feel His love, you are never the same

Hello my beautiful family! 

What an exciting week (mostly day) for the Franklin family! Welcome to the worlds best family Grey :) He is so loved already, and literally came right from heaven. So amazing! 

I don't know if my week was quite as exciting as our new member to the fam, but it was still a great week and conference made it even better. Everyone feel free to tell me your faves. I don't know if I can choose just one, they all said something that I needed to hear. But three that I did love were Christofferson, Eyring, and Uchtdorf. It hit me hard this weekend how amazing it is that we have the prophet and his apostles not only to guide us, but the fact that we get to hear from them as much as we do. It truly is modern day scripture. Such a blessing and part of the reason I put that as my subject line. We have all felt His love, and because of it we have all been changed by His love. Prophets and apostles are proof of His love and we should apply every little thing they tell us because it truly is from our Heavenly Father.

Another reason that is my subject is because Drew's baptism is on Saturday (!!!) and Sister Call and I are singing. That line is from 'Come unto Christ' and that's what we are singing so hopefully all goes well. Drew is doing as good as ever! Last week when we taught the law of chastity and word of wisdom, she didn't bat an eye. The law of chastity she kind of laughed and said 'you don't gotta worry about me for that one' and then the word of wisdom she was like well I do drink a cup of coffee every morning.. we were like oh great. But then she continues and says 'but I don't really care, I think this is more important so that should be pretty easy to do, yeah you know what I can do that!' haha She is so great and I really have come to love her and I am SO excited to see her enter the waters of baptism on Saturday. 

We saw a cool miracle on Friday last week. We went to visit this lady named Melodie. We ran into her a couple weeks ago when we went to visit a less active. Turns out the less active moved and Melodie now lives there. She let us right in so we thought she was a member too. She's not, but we gave her a BoM and got her number. We called her a week later and she was out of town but said she'd call us. and guess what? She called us!! That never happens. She called and said 'I just got back in town and couldn't remember when ya'll said you wanted to stop by?' We were so excited!! So we went to see her on Friday. She said she was searching probably 4 or 5 times throughout the lesson. What better way to share the gospel than to someone who is looking for the truth? it was so cool and I'm excited to see where it goes :) She travels a lot for work so that might be hard, but it'll work out! 

We have gotten a few referrals the past couple weeks and we are excited to be able to visit them. It's been hard to get in touch with them, but one of them we visited we are seeing again on Thursday! We told her we had gotten a referral online to come see her and she laughed and she was like, " oh it was probably my cousins in Utah. haha Utah has such a Mormon rep, especially out here, I love it. 

After hearing Holland's talk, I had a cool experience that night. I prayed (out loud) and as I was praying, I got the impression to pray to have my kids help me out when I'm struggling. It brought a new perspective as I thought about my future kids cheering me on up there. It was so cool, and of course made me grateful for MY mom and the other moms in my life that are such good examples to me. 

Well everyone, I love you and I hope you know that. one of the talks this weekend said 'those who truly love us will help us strengthen our faith' and you all have strengthened mine SO much. This weekend also reminded me how grateful I am to be able to be with you all forever! We have felt His love, and we are not the same because of it!! 
Have an incredible week and tell baby Grey I love him every day! :)
xo sister franklin

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